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DockATot replacement parts Pad+Tube (Set of 2 piece Pad+Tube)

DockATot replacement parts Pad+Tube (Set of 2 piece Pad+Tube)

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Enhance your DockATot's longevity with our DockATot Replacement Set (Pad+Tube)

Specific Craftsmanship:

This replacement set (Pad+Tube) is specifically crafted for the Deluxe+/Grand DockATot, ensuring its longevity.

Material Quality:

  • Crafted from 100% hygienic polyester.
  • Outer layer made from 100% cotton.
  • Does not absorb odors and moisture.

Safety Guaranteed:

Extensive safety testing has been conducted to guarantee its reliability.

Maintenance Recommendations:

For maintenance, it is recommended to hand wash the pad and lay it flat to dry.

Compatibility Note:

Kindly note that Deluxe+ replacement parts are exclusively compatible with Deluxe+ docks, while Grand replacement parts are solely designed for Grand docks.

***Additionally, you can purchase the pad and tube separately to meet your specific needs.

Upgrade your DockATot with our high-quality accessories for a truly personalized touch.

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